Event Factory (Renee Gladman)


What do you do with a book like Event Factory? It’s odd. It’s not odd in the way some books are because of their subject matter; it’s odd because of how it’s constructed. How the words operate on the page. Well, and its subject matter. It is, after all, about language. About a city decaying under a corrosive yellow cloud that, somehow, is related to language. Why am I being so vague? Because I don’t get this book. Not yet, anyway. I will. I want to. I’m interested, I’m hooked, I loved it. I just don’t get it yet. You may notice I’ve tagged it as an experimental book. Well, I’m uncertain about that tag. It’s not experimental in the same way books like The People of Paper and Tree of Codes are — you’ll find no sections cut out of these pages. It’s just…well, not very conventional.

So there. That’s my unspecific, rambly way of praising this novel. This first of three novels. It’s strange, and you know I’m a sucker for strange.

GOOD FOR:  readers who don’t mind a puzzle, fans of the unusual, and people who are interested in problems surrounding language and communication.

BAD FOR:  fans of the conventional novel, people seeking a tidy read, and anyone who likes to understand what they’re reading as they read it.

GOOD WITH:  One for the Morning GloryThe Faster I Walk the Smaller I Am, and The Facts of Winter.


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