Silver Sparrow (Tayari Jones)


One of my professors/colleagues recommended this book to me, and it was a good read. I’ve tagged it as a young adult book, mostly because the protagonist is a young adult. I’m not sure that’s really how I should classify it, though. It deals with some really big issues — bigamy, secrecy, identity, etc. It’s definitely something many teenagers could probably benefit from reading, but they’d probably also miss out on some of the major thematic points that are a bit too complex for younger readers (at least, those as naive as I was when I was young) to pick up on.

The characters are complex and likable, the plot is interesting, and it’s a quick and fun (albeit simultaneously serious) read. If you have the chance, pick this one up and give it a read.

GOOD FOR:  readers interested in family dynamics, anyone struggling with their identity in the wake of their families, and people looking for an intelligent but quick read.

BAD FOR:  people who don’t want to be reminded about their own family problems by reading about other peoples’ issues.

GOOD WITH:  How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, No-No Boy, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

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