City of Dark Magic (Magnus Flyte)


Magnus Flyte’s novel jumped out at me from the shelves of a bookstore in the airport in Salt Lake City. Anytime I see the word “MAGIC” emblazoned on the cover of a book like this, it’s bound to catch my eye. A quick glance at the first page (and the realization that this novel’s protagonist is a grad student, like me) was all it took for me to buy the book and dig right in.

Flyte’s novel is entertaining in the quirkiest of ways right from the getgo. The characters are egotistical, irrational, and implusive…but somehow this makes them seem more real, while if it had been done wrong it would have been the novel’s fatal flaw. In any case, the story is funny and has a little bit of everything: romance, adventure, comedy, mystery, drugs, sex, and time travel. Who doesn’t want a book that gives you all of that in one shot? And since I’ve been on a time travel kick recently, I couldn’t help but fall in love.

It’s a quick read, so if you’re feeling raucous give it a whirl. It’ll take you for a ride!

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* Magnus Flyte is actually the nom de plume of two women who co-authored the novel, but for the sake of this post I’ll play into it and refer to the author as Magnus Flyte.

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