Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns (Andrea Gibson)


Andrea Gibson is awesome — check out her website to see what she’s up to. That’s probably all I really need to say in this post. But of course I’m going to say more.

The poems in this collection range from intensely personal selections to very hard-hitting political ones. Once you’ve seen footage of Gibson performing, you’ll read the poems with an entirely different understanding of Gibson as a poet. She’s pretty damn incredible and her conviction comes across very strongly in her works.

I taught a couple of the poems from this collection to a class of undergraduate students at Ohio State University and they responded very positively — to the poems and to Gibson’s performances. The poems led to some deeply insightful conversations and are among the best I’ve had in the classroom thus far.

If you want an example of just how awesome Gibson is, watch her performance of “I Do” — the last poem in her 2008 poetry collection Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns:

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