This Is Where I Leave You (Jonathan Tropper)


I was in Trident Booksellers in Boston this January when I saw Jonathan Tropper’s book on the shelf. It was colorful, it felt good in my hands, and it was on sale. I needed a light read. Boy, did I ever pick up the right book.

This is Where I Leave You is funny in a wry sort of way — but it’s not dumbed down for a “popular” audience. It’s an interesting book about how people sometimes fall out of love, how human beings can wound each other, and how there is beauty in our lives even when things feel desperate and lonely.

Oddly enough, reading this book while I was stressed out was a fun experience and helped me laugh about the silliness of our so-called “human condition.”

GOOD FOR:  People who need a bitter laugh, readers seeking a quick read, and anyone looking to enjoy a tragicomic story about life.

BAD FOR:  People who don’t want to read about divorces or the repurcussions of infidelity, anyone who is feeling boundless optimism and has just started in on a brand new shiny relationship, and those looking for a light read that’s also exceedingly lighthearted.

GOOD WITH:  The Family FangStarting From Happy, and Heads You Lose.

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