Sorry Please Thank You (Charles Yu)


Charles Yu’s collection Sorry Please Thank You is every bit as delightful and interesting as Third Class Superhero. If you’ll remember, I’m not typically a big reader of short fiction. However, there’s something special about Charles Yu.

I think part of the deal is that the premise of each of his stories is so interesting — so unusual and creative — that as soon as I realize what’s going on, I’m hooked. I mean, this collection is full of creative ideas: a man who feels other people’s pain for hire, a character in a video game who realizes his life is just some kid’s quest — the book is full of unique characters whose worlds give me a different perspective on the world I live in.

Go get this book. Then read it. Then ponder over the many mental adventures you got to go on while reading this book.

GOOD FOR:  Creative types, philosophers, and anyone interested in being entertained.

BAD FOR:  Lazy minds, conformists, and readers addicted to stark realism.

GOOD WITH:  The People of PaperGood Omens, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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