Zombies Hate Stuff (Greg Stones)


I found Zombies Hate Stuff in an Urban Outfitters store just staring up at me from the shelf. It’s a surprisingly cute little book and I laughed out loud a couple of times while reading it. It’s pretty fun, and really not much of a read since it’s predominantly illustrations and single words.

Even still, I liked it and I’d bet you’d like it, too.


This is only one example of the illustrations, but they are all very funny and imaginative. I especially like the one on the cover where zombies hate clowns, the one where zombies hate zip lines, and the one where zombies don’t mind mimes….

GOOD FOR: readers looking for a break, fans of children’s books with adult humor, and anyone who just wants to read a book that’s primarily concerned with pictures!

BAD FOR: anyone looking for a narrative (this book is rather episodic), those who hate zombies, and people who dislike deadpan humor.

GOOD WITH: Workd War Z, The Incredible Book Eating Boy, and any of the Emily books.

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