Darth Vader and Son (Jeffrey Brown)


Darth Vader and Son is a fun and imaginative spinoff of the Star Wars characters — most especially Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (although several others make appearances in the book). It’s a cute little book that humorously explores the father-son relationship.

The illustrations really make the book. They are very nicely drawn…and really cute! There’s something about them that’s just visually appealing.

It’s a quick little read (obviously — it’s a children’s book!) that would make a great little gift for any guy who’s a fan of Star Wars and has a kid. Also, there’s a related book called Vader’s Little Princess that is likely a different iteration of this book intended for people with daughters.

I’ve included 3 of my favorite pages from the book below so you can get a taste of the book’s quirky humor and great illustrations.




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