The 13 Clocks (James Thurber)


James Thurber’s lively, silly, frilly children’s book that adults also love, The 13 Clocks, is super cute! My husband sent it to me as a surprise to cheer me up, and cheer me up it most certainly did!

Thurber, a famed Columbus author, creates a tale that is at once delightfully fun and wonderfully happy. Even though it’s largely intended for a younger audience, this short book touches on everything from love to cleverness to pride and even to what it means to freeze one’s heart. The creatures and characters populating the pages of this slim novel are nothing short of enchanting, which seems appropriate for a storybook world that has horrors as dark as the Todal and wonders as light as the Golux. It’ll have you giggling until your guggle is sore!

Quite simply, I love this book. I think you will, too, no matter who you are.

GOOD FOR:  People looking for a laugh, anyone seeking a little lighthearted entertainment, and grown-ups who want to be kids again (if only for the span of a short tale).

BAD FOR:  Anyone who watched The Karate Kid and thought Johnny Lawrence was the hero, readers who are patently opposed to “happily-ever-after” stories (even good ones), and villains.

GOOD WITH:  Anything by Dr. Seuss, The Little Prince, and just about every fairy tale ever written.

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