Dreaming in Cuban (Cristina Garcia)

20130922-135512.jpgI’ve been meaning to read Dreaming in Cuban since I purchased it in my college bookstore in the early 2000s. Yes, it’s been sitting on my shelf haunting me (pun intended) for over a decade. Am I glad I read it? Hell yes! Did I love it? Absolutely! Do I now feel that I need to do more research about the Cuban Revolution, and the relationship between the US and Cuba more generally? Definitely.

The novel focuses on the stories of one family (more specifically, three generations of women — and the occasional man) as they struggle with past secrets, apparent mental illness, and each other. Mostly each other. This is a family that has broken into pieces. There is little to no communication, but so much to say. There are ghosts, murders, unmailed letters, family disputes…this novel really has it all. And on top of that, it’s richly narrated and beautifully written.


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