The Last Final Girl (Stephen Graham Jones)


The Last Final Girl is a pretty far cry from the sort of stuff I typically read: a slasher “film” in novel form, Stephen Graham Jones’ thrilling book reads like a screenplay, complete with camera angles, shot types, and soundtrack details. I have the loosest of loose grasps on the horror film genre, especially when it comes to slashers, but SGJ’s allusions are accessible enough that I could at least tell when something was being referenced (enough to look it up on IMDb or Wikipedia and gain a little bit of insight). When I wasn’t too engrossed in the plot to follow the trail of these cinematic bread crumbs, I was able to enjoy another layer of the story. Like all of SGJ’s works I’ve read thus far (and that number will only continue to multiply), The Last Final Girl was thoroughly addictive and delightful to read.

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