Uprooted (Naomi Novik)

Unusual. Inventive. Captivating.

That just about sums up this unexpected novel for me. I picked it up while browsing my local bookstore in search of something — anything — that would satiate my literary appetite, which has been off the charts this month. Well, I’m not done devouring books just yet, but I finished this one and absolutely loved it. It was just a fun, creative, good read. Surprisingly so, in some ways. I often find that good fantasy is relatively hard to come by; since I’d never heard of this book or its author, I didn’t have the highest of hopes, but it looked too good to put back in the shelf so I took a gamble.

It paid off.

Worldbuilding: check! Complex characters: check! Engaging plot: check! If you’re looking for a little bit of escapism, this bundle of paper and ink should do the trick.

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